Training is one of a citizen's daily tasks beside working. You can train once a day and you gain +1 experience points and up to +1 strength, depending on your current strength. You also lose -1 wellness.

Why Train Everyday?Edit

Training everyday is extremely important. It will make you a more valuable soldier for your country because the more strength you have the more damage you can deal in future battles. Training everyday is a decisive factor when it comes to win or lose battles.

Super Soldier medalEdit

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Every time you advance 5 strength points you receive a Super Soldier medal and 5 GoldWhite.

Strength gainEdit

Strength Days
0.5 2
0.4 3
0.3 4
0.2 5
0.1 6
0.05 7
0.03 8

As seen, you receive +0.5 strength per train in your first two days of training, +0.4 in your next three days, and thereafter decreasing increments as your strength increases.