Political Party is similar to an Organisation but it is more expensive and it is for politic purposes.

Join Party Edit

To join a party, your citizen must be at least level 5. To join party, go to My Places -> Party. Then choose a party from the list and click. When you join party it will be presented under 'Party' on your profile.


Creating Party Edit

If you want your own political party you can create one. You need 40 Gold GoldWhite to create a political party. In order to create a political party you have to click on My Places -> Political Party -> Create Party.



On the respective page you will have to write the Name of your Political Party and after you have done that just press Create button.

Utility Edit

To switch to Party go to party profile and click Switch

  • Parties can have companies and newspaper. Can use market, monetary market and companies for sale. Can make and receive donations.
  • They have a citizenship which cannot be changed and a fixed location in the citizenship country’s capital. Difference from organisation is that party must have Party President. If party is in the top 5 in the country they can take part in Elections and choose candidate for President and Congress. There is also a Party tab in shouts where you can get important information about party.
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