Requirements Edit

You need 2 Gold GoldWhite to create Newspaper. When you reach 1000 subsrcibers you will get Media Mogul medal and 5 Gold GoldWhite

Creating Edit

You can create newspaper on citizen, organization, army and party.

In order to create Newspaper you have to click on My Places -> Newspaper -> Create.

Newspaper Newspaper2

On the respective page you will have to write the Name of your Newspaper and after you have done that just press Create button.

Manage newspaper Edit

On newspaper page you can click Edit to change newspaper name and avatar. To write article click Add Article .

There is also list of your articles. You can delete them , edit them or view them .

You can also see list of subscribers.

News Edit

On the main page you can see Top and Latest news in your country and top International news.

When you are reading some article you can vote it by clicking Vote in the top left corner and subscribe it by clicking Sub in the top right corner. If you are subscribed to some newspapers you will get notification when new article is published.