A Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) is a defensive pact between two countries. MPPs can be proposed only by presidents. The Congresses of both countries then vote for that law. After 30 days the MPP automatically expires. Before being disabled, the president can propose another MPP with the same country and, if approved by Congress, the end date is extended by another 30 days.


The cost in GoldWhite is calculated by the following formula:

10 + ( ( country_1population + country_2population ) / 50 )


  • If country B is attacked in core regions MPP is activated. That means that citizens located in country C (which is an ally of B) can fight for country B in all battles in that war.
  • When Country A attacks Country B's core region, B's MPPs get activated. If Country C (which is an ally of B) has a common border with A then the war between C and A gets started with C as the attacker (and 24 hour initiative).


Although MPPs have given expiration times, they are automatically cancelled if a country attacks a country that shares a common MPP with it.


  • Country B and country C both have a MPP with country A
  • Country B attacks country C
  • The MPP between country B and country A is cancelled