Moving ticket is used for changing location of citizen, organization and army to another region, political party cant be moved. Moving ticket can be purchased from the market.

Qualities Edit

There are 5 qualities of moving tickets. The table bellow shows how much wellness you lose/gain when using each quality of moving ticket. Note that organizations and armies do not have wellness so they will not lose wellness points. Each moving ticket can only be used for a maximum dsitance as shown in the table, depending upon the quality.

Impact on wellness -2 -1 0 +1 +2
Maximum distance 1,333km 3,999km 7,998km 13,330km 19,995km

Consuming Edit

In order to change location you must go to your profile page and click (change), then select your destination, choose ticket and click travel. Remember that if you move to another country you cant work because you must be located in country where your company is. Keep in mind that your house does not move with you as it is no longer part of your inventory.

It's interesting that in extremely important battles tickets can be used to recover wellness for additional hit in battle but it is very expensive.

Manufacturing Edit

  • Oil is the raw from which moving ticket are made.
  • Higher quality company means that more oil is needed per unit of moving ticket.