Finding a Job is the first thing done in vPopulus. Jobs provide the first source of income for new citizens.

Find Job Edit

Human Resources is the place where companies list their job offers. You can reach that page clicking on Market -> Jobs.

Human resources

There you will be able to take a job depending on your Economy Skills, Skill Level, and country you live in.

Human resources2

Work Edit

After you find a job you can work by clicking on the top image Work and after, under company avatar, click on Work2 .

You can work 1 time per day, wellness will be consumed depending on the quality of company. You will gain 1 experience point each day you work. Check how your Economy Skills improves when you work.

Q1 Company Q2 Company Q3 Company Q4 Company Q5 Company
-1 Wellness -2 Wellness -3 Wellness -4 Wellness -5 Wellness

Salary Edit

The salary you were hired on will be given only if you work at 100% wellness.

If you work on less wellness, your salary will be smaller. This is because production is also based on your wellness, and will also be smaller.

Income Tax will also be applied on your salary.

Medal Edit

For every 30 worked days in a row you will receive a working medal and 5 Gold GoldWhite

Resign Edit

You can Resign from a job by going to your company profile (the same page where you work) and click on the resign button Resign which is also under the company avatar.