One of the ways to regenerate wellness is by drinking Juice. It can be purchased from the market.

Qualities Edit

There are 5 qualities of juice. The table bellow shows how much wellness you can recover with the different qualities.

Q1 Juice Q2 Juice Q3 Juice Q4 Juice Q5 Juice
1 2 3 4 5

Consuming Edit

In order to consume juice and restore wellness you must go to your profile. There under the avatar you will see green button with a juice icon. When you click on it, you will drink one unit of the highest quality of juice from your inventory. So 1 click = 1 juice consumed. Note that there is daily limit. You can drink 10 juice per day.

Manufacturing Edit

  • Fruit is the raw material required to manufacture Juice.
  • Each unit of Juice requires 3 units of Fruit per quality of the company. A Q1 Juice company requires 3 units of Fruit per unit of Juice manufactured. A higher quality company means that more Fruit is needed. A Q5 Juice company requires 15 units of Fruit per Juice.
  • Each unit of Juice also requires 3 production units. Refer Productivity Formula to determine the production units produced by a worker.