Creating a companyEdit


  • Before creating a company, you must first own an organisation. Organisations cost 10 GoldWhite, and can host an infinite number of companies inside them.

All companies cost 20 GoldWhite to create. You can alternatively buy an existing company from the property market.


  1. In order to create a company you first have to switch to your organisation
  2. Then, in the menu click My Places -> Companies -> Create Company

NB: Remember that company will be created in the region where is your organisation currently located so make sure you are in high region if you are creating raw company, you can't move company location later.

Types of companyEdit

There are three categories of company, and twelve types of producable good:

Raw materials

Manufactured products

Construction products

Top Brace Top Brace Top Brace

Grain Fruit Iron Oil Wood

Food Juice Weapon MT

House Hospital Defense system Hotel

Management Edit

See also: Production

On the main page of the company you can set job offers to hire employees and market offers to sell your raw materials or products. If you want to export to another country you can buy licence for 20 Gold. If you have manufacturing or construction company keep in mind that you must have raw materials to produce items. To put raw in company click Buy raw button and choose offer from the market.

You will need funds to upgrade the company or pay the hired people. To add funds to your company, first you will have to be on your company profile and then click Finances button . From that menu you will be able to invest or divest funds from your company, but also change the current hired people salary or sell the respective company. To change a company name, upload company avatar, set the welcome message for workers or dissolve and upgrade company click Edit button

Video tutorialsEdit

Two videos have been put together to help prospective company managers run their companies:

Quality Edit

Products companies start as Quality 1 (Q1) firms. This corresponds to the quality of the product they output. (For example, a Q4 food company will output Q4 food.)

Upgrading companiesEdit

To upgrade a company to the next quality you will have to click on My Places -> Companies -> click on the respective company -> click on the edit button .

NB: When a company is upgraded all products are deleted from it

Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 Q3 Q3 Q4 Q4 Q5 Q5
20 Gold GoldWhite 20 Gold GoldWhite 50 Gold GoldWhite 100 Gold GoldWhite 200 Gold GoldWhite